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When I did the screen test for DAYS, I got my scene really, really far ahead of time, and I just went over it and over it and over it and over it.I must have gone over it a thousand times, and doing that got the muscle reworked.There was a fight, and he was definitely much more of a Marine than I was!

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" Can you tease how Belle and Shawn's departure will affect Philip?And the more you watch, the more you'll get to know the players, anyway.The "DS" cameras follow around ("One Life to Live"; dating Farah Fath).I love the dialogue, and it's all about businessmen and salesmen and lying and cheating and stealing.

I can quote it [really well]; I know 99.9% of the words.

And just because the show's not scripted, doesn't mean there's a shortage of fabulous storylines.